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Celia  Gold
Retired Educator| Author| Illustrator |Proprietor
Celia Gold is an: educator, an author, illustrator, and a motivational speaker. She taught English for nearly twenty-five years. She served middle school and high school students, teaching Secondary English literature and Composition in public school classrooms. 

Celia is a woman of faith: compassion, supportive, and she is passionate about serving young women and young men. Her priorities are: health, family, youth, education, literacy, community, and awareness. Her heartfelt encouraging message invokes others to strive to be their best. 

THE HAIR FAIRY MY ANGEL, her debut fictional book has been called, “Awe-inspiring” and “should be recommended reading for all girls” by some of her critics. After suffering with major mental depressive disorder upon the ending of her teaching career, Celia isolated for a couple of years. Finally, through treatment and encouragement from her medical team, she began to write. She writes about one of her deeply rooted sources of identity conflicts, through the use of a metaphor, her hair! 

For nine years Celia struggled with arthritic pain in her right leg, and was informed she would be in pain for the rest of her life! Her Faith would not allow her to accept a lifetime filled with pain. Through a great deal of research, she was able to find an all-natural solution for solving her excruciating pain problem, so now comes the product she found to relieve her pain, “KNOW PAIN,” which is available here on the website! 

Blink Blink eye solution is the best product Celia has ever used to take off eye lash extensions! This simply amazing product is safe for the environment, (no chemicals, no alcohol, and no animal testing). A harmless 100% water-based solution, Celia discovered to easily and safely remove lashes within seconds, without damaging your own lashes. 

The challenges of life were merely setbacks to ultimately allow Celia to recognize that her health was hindering her: wealth of resources, knowledge and creativity! Change your health…Impact your wealth! 

Celia now lives and authentic life and loves to read, research and write. She is a native of Ypsilanti, MI and currently resides in Belleville, MI.
"Paint the picture, and tell the story."
Celia Gold